Corporate Name Arateks Sanayi ve Ticaret Inc.
Sector Textile
Scope Yarn Production
Authorized Ashabil Tanrıverdi
Deputys of Authorized Ahmet S. Tanrıverdi
Kadir Kocabaş
Yasemin Tanrıverdi
Z. Mine Kocabaş
Production Center Kahramanmaras - TURKEY
Date of Established1995
Total Staff 322
Daily Production Capacity 22500 kg.
Number of Spindles 27888
Production Working Hours 7/24
Production Surface 30.260 m2


We have been operating ring yarn production on the basis of quality. We were established in 1995 and in 2002 we have been producing Lutuf Mensucat A.Ş. He joined the group.

Arateks specializes in its business by developing its knowledge and experience every passing day. Still, it continues to R&D activities in order to reach optimum production capacity.

Code of Conduct

  • To be reliable and sincere company for our suppliers, customers, employees and stakeholders.
  • To comply with regulations, legislation and law unconditionally.
  • To make investment continuously with the view that our most valuable asset is our employees, improve continuously work environment.
  • To give value to universal knowledge.
  • Believes in information share,
  • Being solicitous about transparent, acquiring, using and keeping knowledge,
  • Respecting individual rights and freedoms, believing in democracy,
  • To maintain production operations without giving harm to nature, history and cultural texture.

Arateks is conscious about all these responsibilities.